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This is only a small sampling of the roses we have available.  This list is subject to change at any time. Please call us at 408-298-7657 to inquire about other methods of choosing a rose.



Bed # Variety name Color Class
L-7-63 Carol-Jean Deep pink
L-9-11 Phalaenopsis” Deep pink
L-23-25 Rubaiyat Deep pink
K-2.5-0 Fraser’s Pink Musk (attrib. Bell) Light pink
M-27-36 Gruss an Aachen Light pink
L-9-2 Gruss an Aachen Light pink
M-25-34 Korbel Canyon Richi’s Pink HT” Light pink
L-15-12 Lady Mary Fitzwilliam Light pink
L-16-2 Lady Sylvia Light pink
L-15-36 Lady Wenlock Light pink
L-16-33 Lady Wenlock Light pink
L-27-1 Pink Lustre Light pink
M-10-29 Poulsen’s Pearl Light pink
M-14-29 Sakura Gasumi Light pink
N-15-4 Shropshire Lass Light pink
M-19-25 Smooth Perfume Light pink
L-23-14 Diamond Jubilee Light yellow
L-24-12 Capistrano Medium pink
L-17-31 Ethel Sommerset Medium pink
L-23-28 Frances Ashton Medium pink
M-13-27 Frances Ashton Medium pink
M-13-30 Frances Ashton Medium pink
L-13-10 Geisha Medium pink
K-8-10 Huilito” Medium pink
K-12-2 Marie d’Orléans Medium pink
L-22-37 Mary Margaret McBride Medium pink
L-26-31 Sebastian Schultheis Medium pink
L-23-35 WAVES Medium pink
L-23-4 Ena Harkness Medium red
L-17-34 Hortulanus Budde Medium red
L-9-6 Kirsten Poulsen Medium red
L-20-6 Prince Félix de Luxembourg Medium red
L-19-39 William Orr Medium red
M-13.5-0 Duchesse d’Auerstädt Medium yellow
L-20-36 Duquesa de Penaranda Orange & orange blend
K-12-12 Dr. Grill Orange-pink & orange-pink blend
K-16-7 Général Schablikine Orange-pink & orange-pink blend
K-16-8 Général Schablikine Orange-pink & orange-pink blend
L-11-11 Anna Wheatcroft Orange-red & orange-red blend
K-12-26 Archiduc Joseph Pink Blend
L-13-22 Fancy Talk Pink Blend
K-6-24 Georgetown Pink” Pink Blend
K-9-2 Georgetown Tea” Pink Blend
L-26-36 High Time Pink Blend
L-19-35 Lady Barnby Pink Blend
L-17-46 Lady Mary Fitzwilliam Pink Blend
M-21-5 Les Sjulin Pink Blend
K-13-10 Maman Cochet Pink Blend
L-19-10 Miss Rowena Thom Pink Blend
L-17-33 Mrs. Henry Morse Pink Blend
K-5-4 Napoléon Pink Blend
L-19-3 Rapture Pink Blend
K-11-26 Regulus Pink Blend
K-13-33 Sawyer Plot Tea” Pink Blend
K-15-17 Second Street Tea” Pink Blend
L-23-30 Show Girl Pink Blend
L-11-6 Si Bemol Pink Blend
L-19-27 Thomas A. Edison Pink Blend
L-22-44 Mme Henri Guillot Red blend
M-19-14 Wini Edmunds Red blend
L-13-5 Winifred Coulter Red blend
K-17-19 Caroline Marniesse White, near white & white blend
N-1-3 Cato’s Cluster” White, near white & white blend
L-19-36 Edith Krause White, near white & white blend
L-9-25 Frau Hedwig Koschel White, near white & white blend
N-5-14 Legacy of Little Fannie Shepherd” White, near white & white blend
K-17-21 Mary Washington White, near white & white blend
K-14-48 Mme Bravy White, near white & white blend
L-16-15 Mme. Jules Bouché White, near white & white blend
K-15-26 Mme. Jules Bouché White, near white & white blend
L-15-28 Mme. Jules Bouché White, near white & white blend
K-16-2 Puerto Rico” White, near white & white blend
L-24-8 Sleigh Bell White, near white & white blend
L-17-37 Ellen Willmott Yellow blend
L-21-15 Ellen Willmott Yellow blend




How do I select a rose?

There are many ways to select a rose for adoption. The best way is to visit the garden yourself and look for a suitable rose. If you do this, look for roses that have a plaque in front of them. You’ll notice the plaques have a top part and a bottom part. The bottom area is where your inscription would go. If you see a rose you like but it already has an personal inscription, that means it is already adopted and is not available to you.  Other ways of selecting rose include choosing from our limited on-line gallery, having us select one for you, or searching our vast database for a certain variety, color, name, key word, or type of rose. For example, if you want to honor someone who is an avid airplane pilot, you could search for roses with names associated with airplanes, flight, sky, pilot, wings, etc. This does not always produce results, but it might be fun to try. In some cases, it might produce too many results! You can also search for certain colors, years of hybridization, etc.

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