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A new season of our Outdoor Environmental Science Program (OESP) for homeschool students has begun! Below you will find a listing of 2014-2015 themes, as well as the monthly class listings.


OESP classes are offered to members at a discounted rate of $10/class and are $15/class for non-members. For more information on membership, visit our membership page. In addition to the class discount you will receive our monthly newsletter, announcements of special events and volunteer opportunities, and discounts at local nurseries. Your membership donation is also 100% tax-deductible and comes with a free annual subscription to Better Homes and Gardens.


But most of all, you will know that you are supporting a valuable community asset that will be enjoyed today and for generations to come.


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2014-2015 Themes

(tentative; series have 4 weeks unless otherwise noted)

September: Watersheds (3 weeks)
October: Alternative Energy (5 weeks)
November: Climate Change (3 weeks)
December: Geology (3 weeks)
January: Weather & Seasons (4 weeks)
February: Ecosystems (4 weeks)
March: Native Plants
April: Agroecology & Food (5 weeks)
May: Birds & Flight


All classes are:

Held on Wednesdays or Thursdays from 1:30-3:00pm

Drop-off classes

$10 per student per class for members, $15 per student per class for non-members

For 5 to 12 year-olds only


Welcome Ocean Grove families! GRPC is a registered vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School. If you’re interested in using Ocean Grove funds, please email us with the attendee names and class dates and request a purchase order from your ES. You do not need to complete the sign up form below.


Cancellation Policy:

In order to receive a full refund, cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the start of each class or series. If cancellation occurs after that time, no refund will be given. In the event that a class or series is cancelled by Guadalupe River Park Conservancy, a full refund will be issued to registered participants.



Ecosystem Extravaganza


Explore with us the different types of ecosystems that make up the Guadalupe River Watershed. Students will learn about the living and non-living parts of three different types of ecosystems and how these parts relate to each other.


Ecosystem Exploration
February 4th/5th

Every type of area has its own ecosystem, comprised of living and non-living parts! It is important to know how all of these parts relate to each other, because it gives us a better understanding of how one thing can affect another.


Just Around the River Bend

February 11th/12th

There are so many different parts of a river, not just the water! Join us as we learn about how all parts of a river work and interact with the landscape around.


King of the Mountain
February 18th/19th

Today is going to be about exploring mountain and valley ecosystems: how the animals, plants, and landscape combined all create a large network!


The Grassland’s Always Greener
February 25th/26th

Grasslands are not just fields of grass—think about the all animals that might be hiding and scurrying around in there! We will be focusing on how grasslands system contains many interconnected parts, and focusing on different types of grasslands as well (prairies, savannas, and our native grasslands here)!



Investigating California Natives

Explore with us the different types of California native plants that make up the Guadalupe River Watershed. Students will learn to map their surroundings, identify natives versus non-natives, take measurements and sketch in the field.


Lay of the Land
March 4th/5th

We begin our field guide by exploring our surroundings! Come map and learn about the environment in which our flora call home!


Taking Inventory

March 11th/12th

In our next chapter, we separate the native plants from the non-native. We’ll practice careful observation, noting the things that make our flora unique!


March 18th/19th

Join us as we learn about different types of measurement, and apply them to the plants we observed the week before.


March 25th/26th

This week we add illustration to the plants we have already observed and measured! Grab a pencil and come get some practical pointers on sketching plants!



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A unique setting…
The Guadalupe River Park & Gardens is an education destination like no other. A natural oasis located in the heart of downtown San Jose, the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens features 254 acres of park that include the Heritage Rose Garden, the Historic Orchard, a community garden, and 2.6 miles of trail that runs adjacent to the Guadalupe River. The GRPG provides a natural outdoor laboratory for science experiments and offers a creative and dynamic atmosphere for learning. 


A customizable education…
The Outdoor Environmental Science Program’s core curriculum covers a wide variety of current environmental science topics. Each class covers a unique theme within the environmental sciences, but your child can sign up for an individual class depending on his or her interests, come to several classes to cover a unit, or attend all the classes to build an interdisciplinary understanding of nature and science.


A learning adventure…
The Guadalupe River Park Conservancy’s classes are unique, interactive adventures – children won’t learn science by listening to lectures, but will learn through activity-oriented lessons, science experiments, and scientific observations out in the park. Your child will be challenged, but will move, talk, think and play to learn.


A healthier community…
More and more studies are indicating that spending time outdoors is vital to children’s academic development and health. Spending time in nature allows children to develop a connection with their surrounding community and become early stewards of the environment.


An ongoing interest…
When outdoors, children can see science playing out before their very eyes, develop powerful observational skills, and are exposed to the environmental sciences, an up-and-coming field worldwide. If your child’s interest is kindled by any or all of the OESP class topics, you can find more educational resources about that topic by clicking on the links that follow each class description, so you can be an active partner as your child explores their new favorite environmental science subject.

Resource Guides from the Past


Animals and Habitats

Food Systems


Math in Nature


Water for Life


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