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A new season of our Outdoor Environmental Science Program (OESP) for homeschool students has begun! Below you will find a listing of 2016-2017 themes, as well as the monthly class listings.


OESP classes are offered to members at a discounted rate of $15/class and are $20/class for non-members. For more information on membership, visit our membership page. In addition to the class

discount you will receive our monthly newsletter, announcements of special events and volunteer opportunities, and discounts at local nurseries. Your membership donation is also 100% tax-deductible and comes with a free annual subscription to Better Homes and Gardens.


But most of all, you will know that you are supporting a valuable community asset that will be enjoyed today and for generations to come.


Please contact us with any questions at 408-298-7657 or e-mail


2016-2017 Themes

October: Spooky Critters (4 weeks)
November: World Water (3 weeks)
December: Keystone Species (3 weeks)
January: Physics of Play (4 weeks)
February: Gardening (4 weeks)
March: Birds of a Feather (4 weeks)
April: Life Cycles (4 weeks)
May: Maker May (4 weeks)


Class Details:

OESP is held on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 1:30-3:00pm at Guadalupe River Park & Gardens Visitor and Education Center, 438 Coleman Ave., San Jose, CA 95110

The same lesson is taught each day of the week; lessons change on a weekly basis.

Class dues are $15 per student per class for Friends of GRPC ($50/year donation) or $20 per student per class for non-members. OESP drop-off classes are designed for children ages 5-12.


Welcome Ocean Grove families! GRPC is a registered vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School. If you’re interested in using Ocean Grove funds, please email us with the attendee names and class dates and request a purchase order from your ES. You do not need to complete the sign up form below.


Registration is now open for January: Physics of Play!

Please note that Monday classes will not be held on January 2 (New Year’s Day – Observed) and January 16 (Martin Luther King Day.)  Monday students can choose to attend a Thursday or Friday class to complete the series; please email with your student’s name and date substitution choice.


Week 1: January 5/6

Class Name: Get Ready…Get Set…PLAY!

Class Description: What do basketball, soccer, hockey, running, skating, biking, hopscotch, jumping rope, and rowing all have in common? AIR! Aerobic exercise has many health benefits such as increasing the amount of oxygen being delivered to cells to strengthen your heart. Join us at the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens to work on our endurance as well as learn how our bodies benefit from this play. Create an fitness journal to record your pulse, heart rate, and emotions after playing the Rotten Egg Game, Socks, and The Blob. Learn about how your body reacts to endurance play and how exercise helps you focus!   

Concepts Covered: Biology, Physics, Exercise, Health


Week 2: January 9/12/13

Class Name: Time to Touch Toes

Class Description: As we get older, our muscles lose strength and size and become stiffer. This is due to the loss of flexibility, or full range of movement, in muscles and joints. Flexibility helps with pain and muscle soreness, improves posture, promotes circulation, and even increases transportation of nutrients in your body. Come to the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens and play Simon Says, do yoga, practice ballet, and dance in the Freeze Dance Game. Use your fitness journal to record your pulse, heart rate, and emotions after the flexibility training and learn about how flexibility can prevent injuries throughout your life!

Concepts Covered: Biology, Physics, Exercise, Health


Week 3: January 19/20

Class Name: Muscles, Muscles, EVERYWHERE!

Class Description: One way to keep weight off, reduce bone fracturing, increase muscle mass, and improve glucose control is by doing strength exercises. Strength exercises include a wide range of movement, from push-ups to playing tug-of-war, and doing them increases our metabolism by burning calories! Join us at the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens to conduct wheelbarrow races, make bridges with our bodies, and crab walk through an obstacle course! Travel to the Rotary PlayGarden and climb a rock wall, swing towards the sky, and swing like monkeys on the monkey bars. Record your pulse, heart rate, and emotions in your fitness journal! Finish off by playing Stroop Effect games that challenge our brains to think differently!

Concepts Covered: Biology, Physics, Exercise, Health


Week 4: January 23/26/27

Class Name: Challenge Accepted!

Class Description: It’s time to combine endurance, flexibility, strength, and mind in our team Olympic challenge! Play tug of war, complete yoga poses, and work together to get through Huckle Buckle Beanstalk! Be challenged by our Blind Retriever, Birthday Line-Up, and Hole Tarp team-building exercises. Record your pulse, heart rate, and emotions in your fitness journal and participate in the Award Ceremony!

Concepts Covered: Biology, Physics, Exercise, Health


There’s still time to sign up for the last week of December!

Week 3: December 19/29/30

Class Name: Ecosystem Engineers

Class Description: Today’s class will focus on keystone species – the ecosystem engineers that can have a large impact on their surroundings due to their modifications. Recently beavers have come back to our area, and we have another modifier living right in our park! We will learn about the beaver and other modifier species inside the classroom, and then go to observe one modifier that lives right in our park! After our observations, we will go to the river and imagine what might change if a beaver were to set up camp right outside GRPC!

Concepts Covered: Keystone Species, Modifiers, Ecosystem


Cancellation & Refund Policy
GRPC cancellation policies are based on our investment in staff, course planning, as well as materials and equipment purchases before your course. We cannot recover our expenses if you cancel. Short-notice cancellations often prevent others from attending. Nevertheless, we understand that the needs of families may change during the year.

Program Refunds: All refunds and changes are subject to a $5 processing fee per program. There are no refunds, credits, cancellations, or changes less than two weeks prior to the start of the program. A full refund will be given for any program cancelled by GRPC. No refunds will be issued once a program begins.


OESP Homeschool Programs Sign-up Form

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