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Virtual Field Trips for the 2020-2021 Academic Year
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We are proud to offer Virtual Field Trips
for the 2020-2021 Academic Year!

The Guadalupe River Park Conservancy is proud to share that we are offering safely socially distanced Virtual Field Trips! We have developed these field trips over many months, taking into account multiple teacher and parent surveys. We could not have created our Virtual Field Trip offering without your help; a huge THANK YOU to the countless teachers, parents, and educational partners who have contributed to our effort!
If you are interested in learning more about our Virtual Field Trips, please CLICK HERE!



In-Person Field Trips

We are not offering In-Person Field Trips at this time, but hope to safely host groups at the beautiful Guadalupe River Park again soon!
The Guadalupe River Park & Gardens is an education destination like no other. A natural oasis located in the heart of downtown San Jose, the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens (GRPG) features 254 acres of park that include the Heritage Rose Garden, the Historic Orchard, a community garden, and 2.6 miles of trail that runs adjacent to the Guadalupe River. The GRPG is a natural outdoor laboratory for science experiments, a creative and dynamic atmosphere for learning, and a perfect destination for field trips!


Field trips cost $500 for up to 30 students with a $20 charge for each additional student up to a maximum of 35 students. We cannot accommodate more than 35 students per field trip; we subscribe to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) best practices including student-led and phenomenon-based learning. Students will be guided to make their own discoveries at their own pace with the park as the center of their inquiry.


Program and transportation scholarships are available to Title 1 schools as well as groups of people with special needs. If you are eligible, please indicate your interest on the Field Trip Request Form. Please note: Scholarship eligibility requirements have changed for the 2020-21 school year.


All groups must provide at least one engaged, adult chaperone for every 8 students on the trip; the specific chaperone ratio for field trips for people with special needs will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Participants should be divided evenly into three small groups before the field trip; each group will rotate through exciting, hands-on activity stations!


Garden Field Trips


Garden Field Trips focus on the learning opportunities provided by our Historic Orchard and Heritage Rose Garden. Every Garden Field Trip includes tours of the Historic Orchard and Heritage Rose Garden. Designed to support Next Generation Science Standards, our field trips guide students to explore activities and concepts appropriate to their academic and social development. Each class will return to school with a deeper understanding of the interconnected systems shared between plants and animals, along with the adaptations they have developed to survive and thrive.


River Field Trips


River Field Trips encourage a deeper understanding of the riparian corridor through the exploration of the Guadalupe River and Trail. Every River Field Trip includes a Nature Walk along the Guadalupe River Trail and grade-specific activities designed to incorporate Next Generation Science Standards. With a focus on animals, students may learn about our feathered friends; the salmon that call the river home; tiny insects hiding on underwater rocks; or the reptiles, amphibians, crustaceans, and mammals that make up our park’s web of life. By learning about their ecological niches, students will better understand the delicate balance of urban nature, along with their role in the system.


A note about river field trips: In order to protect the delicate ecosystem of the river and to ensure student safety, field trips may not enter the river at certain times of year. All field trips will support similar standards and developmental milestones.


Nature Walk Field Trips



Nature Walk Field Trips serve as a wonderful overview of the Guadalupe River Park. Over the course of ninety minutes, students will travel from one part of the park to another, stopping along the way for investigations and activities designed to pique their interest in urban nature. Centered on the development of perspective-taking, an essential Executive Function skill, our Nature Walks will show students the systems and adaptations of an urban park, hopefully inspiring them towards becoming the environmental stewards, engineers, urban planners, and scientists of the future.


If your class is from a Title I school or special needs group, you may qualify for a scholarship!


Frequently Asked Questions


Other questions? Please contact or 408-298-7657.





My students loved their park experience, exploring and observing their surroundings. It was truly rewarding to see students connect the activities to key concepts we were learning about and investigating in class. Participation in the Garden Field Trip Class allowed students to take on the role of being biologists in a meaningful way.

Garden Field Trip Group (Second Grade)


The staff interactions were genuine with our students. We liked how there were visuals and headphones in the restrooms. The entire concept of the field trip was great for our students. All staff were professional and truly cared about our students and their program.

River Explorers (Special Needs)


In every station, my students were always engaged, excited, and asking a lot of questions. Those field trips ignite my students’ inquiry skills and help them extend their knowledge. We appreciate this program and we are looking forward to next year’s trip!

River Field Trip Group (Third Grade)


We really loved the centered, hands-on learning that our classes experienced. The dissection of flowers to learn the different parts was great. Students were able to take the learning from class and see it in person… each student returned to class with their special project and included it in their learning portfolio.

Garden Field Trip Group (Second Grade)


“As this is the technology age, many of my students unfortunately, have not had the chance to visit parks and spend time outdoors. When we were on our nature walk with [the Guadalupe Guide leader], many of my students voiced that they had never seen caterpillars before and many were afraid… So being outdoors and having the chance to explain to them right then and there that the bugs and insects surrounding us were harmless, probably had a “nature job” to do, and were simply part of nature; I believe that this is what they took from our awesome field trip that day. The group leaders were great with my students, questioning them to make them think and solve for themselves.”
River Field Trip Group

“The Guadalupe River Park field trip was an extremely engaging, enriching and powerful experience for my students. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and had great management to engage all my students. My students were able to learn about different trees, nuts, flowers and animals that live in the park. Students used their five senses to learn about their surroundings in a hands-on approach that aligned with all the grade level, common core standards… My students all raved about how they loved being able to learn about new leaves and trees through sense of touch and smell. “
River Field Trip Group (Third Grade)


“My class made two trips to you – one for the Pollination Experience and one for the River Explorer. These were the best field trips my class has ever taken. I’d love to get us back up there again. Because my students are disadvantaged in addition to being disabled, they lack so many experiences that normal children get to explore. I try very hard to teach my students to become nature explorers, observers and lovers. Thanks again!!
Special Needs Class


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