Frequently Asked Questions

I see something in the park or gardens that needs to be addressed, what should I do?


  • If your concern is something immediate and dangerous, call 911 (408-277-8911 from a cell phone)
  • Report park and trail concerns to the City of San Jose by phone at 408-793-5510 or e-mail
  • You can also call Guadalupe River Park Conservancy at 408-298-7657
  • For issues concerning the river itself, like say, you’ve spotted a couch in the river bed, contact the Santa Clara Valley Water District at 408-265-2607 x2378 or submit a service request online
  • For issues concerning houseless individuals and encampments, contact the City of San Jose Housing Department at 408-975-1440 or
  • If your concern is something immediate and timely, but not particularly dangerous, call the San Jose Police non-emergency line at 311 (408-277-8900 from a cell phone). A good example here would be a dog off leash or someone smoking.


Are dogs allowed in the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens? Is there a dog park?

Since the GRPG is a city park, all the standard city leash laws apply. i.e. Dogs are allowed on a leash, and of course you must pick up after them. It can be especially dangerous to violate the leash law in this park because of the abundant wildlife found in this rich habitat. Your normally well behaved dog could instantly become an exuberant squirrel or jack rabbit hunter at the drop of a hat. While there are no official dog parks within the GRPG, there are two close by, one in Ryland Park, and one near the intersection of Park Avenue and Delmas Avenue. For more information about dog parks, click here.


Can I reserve an area of the park for a barbecue, picnic or event?

Individual use of picnic and barbecue areas in the GRPG is on a first come-first served basis except for one spot near the Heritage Rose Garden, and at the Rotary PlayGarden.  For a list of parks that do take reservations, call 408-794-7275 or make a reservation online. If you are planning a large community event, you must be a nonprofit organization (or have a nonprofit partner) and get a permit to reserve an area of the park. Call 408-794-6500 or read more about special events.


Isn’t the San Jose Rose Garden near the Rosicrucian Museum?

There are two major public rose gardens in San Jose, The Municipal Rose Garden at Naglee and Dana, dedicated in the mid-1930s, and the Heritage Rose Garden at Spring and Taylor Streets, dedicated in 1995. The Municipal Garden has large beds of about 190 varieties of mostly modern roses. The Heritage Rose Garden is a botanical collection of over 3,500 varieties of the roses grown over the last 400 years.


Can I get married in the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden?

The Municipal Rose Garden supports weddings by the center fountain and on the stage. The Heritage Rose Garden does not because of low-flying aircraft noise and restrictions on numbers of people. There is a fee for weddings in the Municipal Rose Garden and you must make reservations and complete an application process. Feel free to take non-professional wedding pictures at any location in either garden. Professional photographers must obtain a permit. For reservations or permits, call the Special Park Use office located at Leininger Center in Kelley Park on Senter Road at 408-794-6500 or read more here.


Are there public restrooms in the park?

Yes! Public restrooms are available at several locations throughout the park including the Ernst & Young Building, McEnery Park, Arena Green, Columbus Park, Rotary PlayGarden, and the Visitor and Education Center.


When is the best time to see the roses?

The more modern roses have their peak bloom at the end of April. The older roses peak 2 – 3 weeks later. There is Fall peak bloom in mid-October. Don’t wait for these times as there are always roses blooming!


When will the Los Gatos Creek Trail link to the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens?

The popular Los Gatos Creek Trail will eventually connect to the Guadalupe River Park Trail at Arena Green, near the SAP Center in San Jose. There is no projected date for this link to occur but progress is being made in extending the Los Gatos Creek Trail north from Meridian Avenue, where it now ends. The City of San Jose is seeking funds from many sources and trying to acquire property to complete the trail as soon as possible. There is a fairly new trail segment that goes from Lonus Ave (off Lincoln Ave) to San Carlos St.


Who funded this project?

The basic flood control project, under the direction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Corp’s local partner, the Santa Clara Valley Water District, has received funds from the Federal Government, the State of California, and the Santa Clara Valley Water District. The recreational, or park, elements are being developed by the City of San Jose and its Redevelopment Agency. Santa Clara County has provided land for park development.


Why is so little of Guadalupe Gardens developed?

The Master Plan for Guadalupe Gardens was approved by the San Jose City Council and the Federal Aviation Agency in April 2002. The City of San Jose was successful in obtaining two grants in 2003 for site preparation, irrigation, and grass cover which was completed by May 2005. Other ongoing efforts are underway to obtain funding for further development.


I see litter and/or large objects in the river, what should I do?

If it’s a shopping cart, furniture, or other large items that do not belong in the river, or any creek in the Santa Clara Valley, you may call the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s hotline at 408-265-2607 x2378 or submit a service request online. If it’s litter on or near the trail, we’d love help cleaning it up. In fact there are two annual clean-ups that occur on a national level. You can join Guadalupe River Park Conservancy or any other site to help make an impact! For more information, visit Additional volunteer opportunities are available through the City’s adopt-a-trail and park programs.


Is fishing legal on the Guadalupe River?

Yes. The season opens the last Saturday in April and closes in November. Everyone 16 years of age and over must have a valid California Sport Fishing License displayed above the waist (and in possession of photo ID). ONLY barbless hooks and artificial lures are allowed. NO TAKE on Salmon and Steelhead. Refer to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for more information on take and size limits for other species. The Health Department recommends that people not eat the fish caught in the river due to mercury residue from the old mines up stream.


What should I do if I see wildlife in Guadalupe River Park & Gardens?

Guadalupe River Park & Gardens is home to a variety of amazing wildlife, including Black-tailed jackrabbits, Snowy egrets, Red-tailed hawks, skunks, and gopher snakes. If you see a wild animal during your visit, please be respectful, quiet, and observe it from a distance. Do not approach wildlife, and do not offer food or water to any animals you see during your visit. Feeding wildlife is illegal, and it also can spread disease, increase populations of non-native animals, put you and wildlife at risk, and lower a wild animal’s chance of surviving. If you see injured or sick wildlife, contact the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley at 408-929-9453. If you see an injured, lost, or sick domestic animal, please contact the San Jose Animal Care Center at 408-794-7297.

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