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The vegetation along the banks of the Guadalupe River is known as Great Valley Mixed Riparian Forest. Today, this corridor supports over 150 native species as well as an abundance of native plants, shrubs and trees. The fertile alluvial soil along the Guadalupe River has been productive for the Muwekma tribe, Spanish explorers, Mexican ranchers, and European settlers. Here is a guide to some of the magnificent flora and fauna found within our park boundaries. The presence of these magnificent species is why we are so passionate to educate our community about the little gem of wilderness that YOU too can explore within the high tech capital of the United States.


So get out and explore and use this guide as a tool! Species such as the California Beaver, Wild Turkey, and Grey Fox have just recently been rediscovered within our park; help us discover more species! Read more…


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History tells us that the Guadalupe River has been home to an even larger amount of species than inhabit it today. In fact, as recent as 2005, the fossils of a Columbian mammoth were discovered in the river. The mammoth utilized the river for minerals and vegetation such as alkaline salt brush. Back when the river was allowed to flood naturally, it nearly met with Coyote Creek, leaving huge seasonal summer lakes that benefited populations of waterfowl, tule elk, and grizzly bear.


Today, downtown San Jose is developed, but if you look closely you will see remnants of the ancient Guadalupe such as clay river bed, and layered river bank with burn marks from a fire thousands of years ago. Although affected by the pressures of human development, the native animals who have called it home for hundreds of thousands of years still inhabit the Guadalupe River. Some thriving, some threatened, some endangered (and sadly, some extirpated), an abundance of these species can be seen today in the park.

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