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We are excited to offer a new online San Jose Heritage Rose Garden Collection Catalog. The garden continues to evolve, but remains a world class botanical collection. You may notice that there are a few differences between the new Collection Catalog and the original catalogs. For now, we left out alternate names and provenance, but feel free to contact us for more specifics.


Browse the catalog.

The catalog opens as a searchable webpage with links to photos of roses in bloom when available. Use your browser’s back button to return to this page. The catalog is best viewed in Chrome or Safari browsers, and in landscape on your mobile device.


Here are some tips to help with your search:


  • To locate a rose in the garden, you will notice the garden is divided into six sections: K, L, M, N, O, P. Rose locations are indicated using the following convention: M(section) – 15(row) – 8(position). First find the section. Then, walk down the path checking the rows until you find the correct row. Once in the row, walk down the aisle until you locate the rose’s position.


  • The date column indicates the date that a rose was released or registered with the American Rose Society. Found roses contain the date it was discovered, if a date is available, and are indicated by double quotation marks. Square brackets surrounding a variety name listing indicate that the rose identity has been lost and a simple description (for instance, [Red HT]) has been substituted.


  • The word “Empty” in the variety name column indicates that a location in the garden currently has no plant. “Not available” can indicate that either a location will not be used because large neighboring roses require that space, or that the rose intended for that location could not be obtained at this time.


  • The catalog displays whether or not a rose is adopted through our Adopt-a-Rose program. The date listed under “Adoption Status” is the expiration date of the adoption. If there is no date listed, then the rose is available for adoption! However, the system is not always completely up to date, so please submit your top three choices when using this database to select a rose to adopt.


The Heritage Rose Garden is constantly changing due to garden maintenance and enhancement. There is also other valuable information that cannot be included in the catalog, so if you have specific questions, please contact us.

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