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Gift Certificates
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Sun Visor
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Life Along the Guadalupe River… Archaeological and Historical Journey
Exploring a Sense of Place Guidebook
Guadalupe River Park Master Plan

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of Guadalupe! We offer gift certificates that can be redeemed for any or all of our classes and workshops for both adults and children. Also good for merchandise from our gift shop.


Sense of Place

This guide will help you with your own process of discovery and reconnection with the natural world where you live. It will inspire you and give you all the practical tools you need to design, develop, organize, and produce an Exploring a Sense of Place program specific to your bioregion.


Inside this book:

  • Meaning of sense of place
  • Steps to designing your own program with on-the-ground-examples
  • Sample course proposal
  • Worksheets and tips
  • Deepening materials
  • Sample flyers, ads, and notebook materials
  • Resource books, videos, and websites




Master Plan

This is a beautiful master plan for the Guadalupe River Park (not the gardens). It features large full page photos and a giant fold out map of the River Park.


To see a .pdf version of the entire plan, click here (1.6 MB .pdf)


FREE! Just stop by the Visitor Center to snag a copy.


Life Along the Guadalupe River…

an Archaeological and Historical Journey

The Guadalupe River Park Conservancy are pleased to announce the publication of a new book by Rebecca Allen and Mark Hylkema entitled Life Along the Guadalupe River – an Archaeological and Historical Journey. The story of this publication begins in Spring 1999 when Caltrans contracted with a team of archaeologists to conduct an excavation of the former Woolen Mills Chinatown site that existed at Taylor Street and the Guadalupe River between 1888-1902. This was done in anticipation of the widening of Highway 87. The archaeological team, headed by Dr. Rebecca Allen, consulting historical archaeologist and President of Past Forward, Inc., and Mark Hylkema, an archaeologist for the California Department of Parks & Recreation, did months of planning and research prior to working on the site. During the excavation, remnants of building foundations, redwood water pipes, and streets confirmed the layout of the town. Artifacts discovered in the excavation, together with historical records, told the experts much about the life of the residents. The resulting publication, Life Along the Guadalupe River – an Archaeological and Historical Journey, tells the story of the Woolen Mills Chinatown and the excavation process. The book encompasses much more, however, describing early geological conditions in the Santa Clara Valley, pre-historic peoples, and the industrial changes that have transformed San Jose into the city it is today. It is illustrated with historic photographs throughout, and eight pages of color photographs that bring to life objects from the excavation and scenes of the Guadalupe River today. Life Along the Guadalupe River – an Archaeological and Historical Journey, is available at a cost of $15.00 + tax. It is 8 ½” x 11” and 72 pages, softcover, and illustrated with eight pages of color photographs. Proceeds from the sale of the books will be retained by the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy for the benefit of our educational programs.


Greeting Cards





These striking umbrellas are small enough to tuck in the car or in bag, but large enough to keep you dry.




Sun Visor

Our sun visors are one size fits all with a handy velcro strap in back.





Watershed Maps


These large, colorful fold out maps highlight the water features of various watersheds. They were developed by the Oakland Museum of California. We have the following maps available for purchase:

  • West Santa Clara Valley
  • Milpitas & North San Jose
  • South San Jose
  • Central San Jose & Vicinity
  • Baylands & Creeks of South San Francisco Bay





Nature Playing Cards

These decks of playing cards feature local birds of California (one deck is Southern, one is Northern) and mammals of North America.





Nature Guides

These sturdy laminated guides help you instantly identify local birds, tracks, rocks & butterflies.




Plane Spotter

The original PASSENGER AIRLINERS PLANE SPOTTER guide has been revised and updated! Remember when a trip to the airport was a special event? Bring that sense of excitement and discovery back to air travel! The PLANE SPOTTER is loaded with information and provides hours of educational fun for air travelers and aviation enthusiasts of all ages, form the youngster on her first flight to the seasoned road warrior. Features include:


  • Twelve panel fold-out design.
  • Exciting full color graphics.
  • Relative sizes chart
  • Quick reference guide to seating configurations.
  • Dozens of tips for spotting most popular airliners.
  • Exciting “Name that Plane Game”.
  • The “Parts Department” explains all those “things” on an airplane and how they work.




Compost Bins for San José residents

$50.00, NO SHIPPING ON THESE ITEMS. Cash (no large bills), Check, or Credit Card in Office Only. Credit cards will incur a $1 fee per bin.

(price includes tax)

The San José Composts! program provides San José residents with composting bins at bargain prices. Subsidies are provided through the Recycle Plus program and therefore, are available only to residents with San José ID or a recycle plus bill and photo ID. Non-San José residents can call their City offices for local composting programs. We’ve partnered with The San José Composts! program to act as a store front so that people who cannot attend one of the monthly bin sales can purchase bins during the week. We do not ship these items or collect payment on-line…you must come to our office M-F, 9-5 or Saturday-Sunday, 10-3.


Soil Saver

  • Made for outdoor residential backyard composting
  • 100% recycled content, durable polyethylene plastic
  • Capacity: 11.5 cubic feet/86 gallons
  • Dimensions: 28”W x 28”D x 32”H
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • 25 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Unit is open at bottom to allow beneficial organisms to speed the process of breaking down organic matter into high quality compost
  • Black color bin absorbs and retains heat, enhancing the composting process
  • Weather resistant construction with UV stabilizers
  • Efficient square design, ideal for all backyards
  • Well-ventilated, patented system to maintain proper temperature and aerobic conditions
  • User-friendly instruction booklet
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Soil Saver is packaged in one box for easy transporting, shipping, and storage. Box can be composted(Box Size: 23”W x 8”D x 30”H).
  • Bin has 2 slide up doors for easy compost removal; 4 sides are interchangeable
  • Easy to stir and mix for aerobic decomposition
  • Bin does not need to be moved to be emptied
  • The ¼” thick structural foam, black recycled plastic is built to last and hold the heat inside


Wriggly Wranch


The Wriggly Wranch uses red wiggler worms to break down kitchen scraps into the world’s best fertilizer! The bin has two working trays, one collector tray, and a tap to drain liquid.

  • Converts fruit and vegetable scraps into solid and liquid fertilizer for house and garden plants
  • Made from 100% black recycled plastic
  • Dimensions: 22 3/4″ L x 15 3/4″ W x 25 112″ H (fully assembled)
  • Large capacity- 2 trays hold up to 17,000 red worms (no additional trays needed)
  • A patented self-harvesting, stackable tray system which includes 2 self-harvesting working trays, 1 bottom collector tray to capture liquid (worm “tea”) and a cover
  • Made for individuals of all ages and abilities
  • Perfect for homes, condos, apartments, and schools
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Saves water by helping the soil hold moisture and reducing water runoff
  • Improves soil structure, aeration and water retention


Other Compost Bins and Accessories

Available for direct order from Triformis Corporation. A portion of each sale benefits GRPC. These items are not subsidized by the City of San Jose.

Click here to download the order form.
Items include:

  • Compost Tumbler
  • Worm Blankets
  • Worm & Compost Conditioner

Where to buy actual compost:

Compost can be purchased from garden centers at most hardware and home improvement stores. To buy bulk compost at competitive prices, please call BFI at (408) 945-2844, or Zanker RRM at (408) 263-2385.


Where to buy worms:

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